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5 Reasons Why Social Media is VITAL to your Business


If you haven?t been effectively using Social Media for your business, it?s time to climb out from the rock you?ve been hiding under and realize the new dimension of business that you can?t afford to avoid any longer. Social Media has become a living, breathing creature in our cyber society that hasn?t stopped expanding since its inception.

You need to get into the Social Media saddle pronto partner, and here are 5 reasons why?

1. You know how to be successful, right? You do what successful people do of course. If you?ve watched TV lately, then you probably witnessed a front-runner in your industry asking you to follow, like, or add them on a Social Network.
2. About 250 million people log onto Facebook every single day. This is the biggest opportunity out there to personally connect with your prospects, clients and customers.
3. Mashable has stated that online advertising expenses were approximately $12.1 billion in the first six months of 2010. I don?t know about you, but to us that is a LOT of $$$.
4. According to YouTube, there are 24 hours of video content uploaded to the social network? every minute!
5. Twitter has become the perfect customer service channel, allowing you to interact with your social audience in real-time. It is a hub for people and businesses to organize and arrange events in their community, state, or country. Twitter has even become a vital tool in establishing a true democracy.

In just the past few years, Social Media has evolved from updates, messages, and groups, to blogs, podcasts, wikis, and a plethora of web applications that allow you to double your productivity in a single day.

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Easy tips to help you implement your Social Media Strategy

Social Media is becoming an increasingly useful business tool to facilitate Customer Support, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, and even HR. It all seems easy when you get started with Social Media, until you start diving into the never ending rabbit hole of tools, plug-ins, apps, and dashboards that are constantly changing the way you manage your business online.

Luckily, there are people like us at HOPE Studio Online that enjoy mucking through articles and websites all day to find the best ways to interact with your target audience, and we decided to share a few of our favorite tips with you.

Updating your Social Networks:

Unless you?re new to the Social Media scene, you?ve probably signed up for a few social networks already. Two of the most important social networks on the social scene are Facebook and Twitter. A cyclical effect is best created from using these two social networks in conjunction for your business or brand marketing. If you want to create a positive effect for your e-conomy, the quality of your updates are vital on these two social networks. Keep your content fresh and flavorful with proper grammar and punctuation or send your leads somewhere else, it?s really that simple.

Staying current in the global Socialsphere:

The internet is alive and buzzing 24/7, so sending out content on the same schedule is a must. Your global audience wants access to your latest social media content on their time schedule, so the local 9-5 isn?t going to cut it. With a Social Media Dashboard you can schedule content to post around the clock. You can also monitor your feedback, page activity, and see who is clicking the links you post. You can use dashboards online, or even install a social media plug-in for your current browser.

Engagement: A key ingredient to Social Media Success

The days of distributing your message through one way communication channels are over. If you want to succeed in ?Business 2.0?, you?re going to have to actively engage your audience. Along with posting great content on your social networks, you need to find out who?s talking about what in your industry, and start networking with them! Follow industry leaders to share current content and great ideas. Your audience ranges from leads to collaborative opportunities that can help maximize your social efforts.

Unless you?re already a household name or there was a video posted online with you doing something crazy, people don?t know who you are? yet. Make yourself well known in your specific community and before you know it, you?ll be a go-to for industry information and remarkable content!

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