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Why Twitter Effectively Builds Your Audience Quickly

In the age of information, lightning fast feeds run rampant with updates, information and links. You want to connect with your audience often, but which social network is going to be most efficient in doing so without cutting through all of the red tape? We would like to shed some light as to why Twitter has become a primary tool in effectively driving traffic to optimize your social media business opportunities as well as your business website.
So without further ado, here are some of our top reasons you should be tweeting:

Keyword and hashtag based searching

Twitter offers a few simple and effective search methods to find your targeted audience and what they are tweeting about. Twitters keyword search at is a simple way to find potential followers that are talking about your desired topic in real time. If you want to hone in on a closer knit group of communicators, a focused topic, or a current event, Hash tags (#) are often connected to a word or abbreviation that describes the subject of conversation. Using hash tags in searches will keep in you in the loop when it comes to relevant people and information in your niche.

Simple Layout

There?s a plethora of social networks crawling the World Wide Web these days and when it comes to accessibility, we go tweeting. Twitter offers a simple layout that has most of its capabilities and information on its main page that you can navigate from directly. Who you?re following, your list of followers, and the Twitter lists you?re in are placed conveniently at the top of your home page. All of your tweets, and people tweeting @ you are also grouped closely together. The basic and easily accessible functionality of Twitter allows you to quickly find the industry leaders and potential followers that are going to help you ?tweet your way to the top.?


Whether you own a local or global business, you?ve more than likely heard the phrase ?Location, location, location?. This adage has made a slight, yet technologically pleasing transformation into the world of e-business. Geo-coding reveals what people are talking about from Chicago to Cairo! You can add a geo-code to a twitter keyword search to accomplish everything from finding local audiences to analyzing a demographic by location. With the right tools, you can stream multiple geo-code feeds to maximize twitter impact.

The immeasurable value of Twitter is still in the early stages of its potential utility. You can see how we?ve made twitter successful for businesses by checking out our portfolio. What?s better? We?ll even give you 5 more reasons Social Media is important for your Business. Click here to read our blog.


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